Game of Thrones: Oberyn Martell [ESFP]

We know that Oberyn is an extrovert. There’s no doubt on that front. That means his leading function is also extroverted.

Oberyn is not quick to share his emotions but also tends to act on them; his strong personal feelings allow him to identify with others in specific ways (the rape of family members makes him assure Cersei that her daughter is safe, and his need to avenge his dead sister leads him to side with Tyrion and fight the Mountain). These are strong Fi-Te indicators, but Obreryn is less concerned with organizing others than he is on acting on his emotions, meaning his Fi leads his Te and not the other way around. This leaves us with two types: ENFP or ESFP.

Because Oberyn references the past so much in his conversations (his sister’s rape and death), it might erroneously lead us to assume that he is an ENTP… but he is far more concerned about physical pleasures and sensations through new experiences than he is new ideas. Oberyn is highly attentive to his environment and leaps at the chance to take action; he loves beautiful men and women, luscious food, and seizes the chance to fight the Mountain. His Si-like memories, therefore, are tied to his emotions and not his functions, making him an ESFP.

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